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The Freedom Rose Blossoms from Ecuador's Verdant Cradle

Welcome the flower of red divine appeal, the Freedom Rose from our rose farm in Ecuador. Our organic practices unveil the true beauty of each bloom. Perfect for floral designers and event planners, these red roses are a charming choice for Valentine's Day celebrations. Combine them with a complementary mix of hydrangeas, alstroemeria, and ruscus to create a captivating floral arrangement.



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*25 stems per bunch

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Since roses are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.
We recommend that your delivery date is 3-4 days prior to your event.

Product Details:

Category: Red Roses

Vase Life: 12 - 15 day's

Bud Size: 5 - 6 cm or 2 - 2.5 in

Color: Red

Suggested Delivery Date: 3 days delivered prior to event

Stem Length: 40 - 70 cm or 15 - 27.5 in

Thorns: It has some thorns on the stem

Foliage: Plenty of petals

Bunch: 25 stems

What Distinguishes the Freedom Rose?

In the rich, fertile land of Ecuador, our farm carefully nurtures the captivating Freedom Rose. Through our organic approach, each rose flourishes, showcasing the refined beauty and outstanding quality that are the trademarks of Ecuadorian roses. Their radiant charm makes them a top pick for floral designers and flower schools who aim to weave a story of captivating beauty into their works.

Which Occasions Resonate with the Freedom Rose?

The rose's attractive allure makes it an ideal emblem for Valentine’s Day rose delivery, symbolizing a deep sense of love and affection. The Freedom Rose is also a winning selection for wedding flowers or a romantic flower bouquet, ensuring every event it adorns becomes a treasured memory.

How Can The Freedom Rose Be Paired for a Captivating Floral Arrangement?

Creating an appealing floral display involves pairing with suitable flowers and greenery. A visually pleasing story emerges when these roses are combined with lilies, snapdragons, and alstroemeria, each adding its own texture and color, crafting a tantalizing floral narrative. The cool hues of dusty miller or the rich greens of ruscus provide a striking backdrop, allowing the Freedom Rose to be the centerpiece.

What Advantages Offer the Organic Farming Practices?

Our commitment to organic farming not only highlights the exquisite quality of the Freedom Rose but also leads the way for a sustainable and environmentally-friendly floral industry. This practice enhances the natural robustness and lifespan of the roses, ensuring they remain fresh from our farm to your vase, so forget about the “best flower delivery near me” and get freshness directly at your door.

Roses are a Living Being

+ When your flowers arrive, they may look thirsty and sleepy, but don't worry, this is completely normal. For instructions on how to care for and handle your flowers, please refer to our Flower Care tab on this product page.