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Have questions? Look no further! Our Frequently Asked Questions page is here to ease your mind and address any uncertainties you may have. If you still need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer support team. We're here to help!


A: We value your opinion very much. We would appreciate and consider it very much if you would take the time to share any bugs or improvements we could make to offer you a better service!

If you notice one of them on our website, please send us an email at customercare@ecuadordirectroses.com

A: We ship our flowers with UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Due to their regulations, we need a valid working phone number in order to ship your product. We also may need to contact you to verify your order information and if we have a problem fulfilling your order. Without a working phone number, we cannot ship your product.


EcuadorDirectRoses respects the privacy of our customers. We recognize the importance of maintaining such privacy. Ecuador Direct Roses gather personal information to process your orders, communicate with you, and improve our products and customer service. It also helps provide a more personalized shopping experience. We limit the information collected about you to what is needed for conducting business and offering you the best possible service (e.g. to answer questions/concerns that you express).

In our facilities, it is strictly forbidden to share with third parties any information of our customers. On the other hand, our collaborators have signed a confidentiality agreement that stipulates that they will not share, sell, or perform any external analysis of our client's information. Your information is secure with us!

We work for your well-being and make sure to protect your privacy and integrity

A: We recommend our clients receive their orders 2 or 3 days before the event so that the client can process the roses and achieve the desired blooming for the day of the event.

Our flower takes 5 days to reach your destination in USA and Canada. Make your order within at least 8 days of your desired day.

We take the quality of our flowers very seriously; in order to preserve their freshness we put the flowers to sleep before shipping them out from the Ecuadorian Farm in our refrigerated trucks. So, you don't have to worry because when you receive the flower for the plant it won't have been a day since it leaves the farm. Ensuring the freshness and longevity of our flowers bloom to the maximum level.

  • Certain products are recommended to be received 2 days before the event. For these particular cases, the client's sales representative must provide advice.

A: All our trucks in Ecuador have refrigeration on them to ensure our superior quality to our customers.

One of our goals as a floricultural company is to ensure that each flower arrives in its best condition. That's why we have the best structured logistics! It all starts on the farm putting our flowers to sleep. As we are located in the south, we send our refrigeration trucks at night to be the first to load the cargo. At no time is the cold chain lost, since they are received in refrigerated cargo ships and then transported in refrigerated airplanes to their destinations.

Your flowers will be delivered overnight at the loading dock to maintain their freshness. The flowers remain overnight in the refrigerated cargo agencies where they are kept in their deepest dreams. However, in the USA and Canada roses are not transported in refrigerated trucks, but don't worry the plants will start to wake up from their deep slumber.

Our flowers can be transported over 6 hours without refrigeration and not be affected in the least. That is the time they are transported for delivery to our customers.

A: Thanks to the amazing climate we have in Ecuador, and the best growing conditions, we can produce varieties all year. Some roses, are extremely rare and have different growing conditions, that's why we might have them at specific times of the year. That's why we recommend our clients to prebook the roses for special occasions.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact customer care or live chat on our website to clear with any questions!

A: Thanks to our growing conditions in Ecuador, we produce roses, flowers, and greenery all year round. Some roses, however, are extremely rare, and we have limited availability. Therefore, it is best to order your desired variety in advance.

If you need more information please do not hesitate to contact customer care or live chat on our website to clear with any questions!

A: Your sales representative is the person who helps you with the orders. You will know who is your sales representative by checking the signature on the emails we send you. 

If you don’t have a sales representative, please contact customer care or live chat on our website to assign you a sales representative, who will help you with any inquiry you need. 

Ecuador has been managed with U.S. dollars since 2000. Therefore, the entire website will be displayed in U.S. dollars. We suggest that if you buy from us from another country, please inform us how much the exchange rate is at the moment, so you will not be surprised.

Shipping & Delivery

A: The DHL, UPS & FedEx tracking numbers will be e-mailed to you on the same day the shipment is sent.

A: Our partnership with DHL, UPS & FedEx assures you a quality delivery, with tracking options and speedy arrival. To cater to any moment you may need us, we offer you Express Shipping or Scheduled Delivery options. Depending on the day of the order, Express Shipping takes 4 to 6 days to arrive.

Please contact FedEx at 1.800.GO.FedEx or UPS at 1.800.PICK.UPS to confirm what time they guarantee delivery for your specific zip code.

A: In the USA and Canada we work with UPS, FedEx and DHL freight forwarders

A: Cargo companies in Hawaii charge an extra fee to reach these beautiful islands. Normally they have a higher cost but we have negotiated with the cargo companies for you and they give us a special price of $10.50 per box

Ecuador Direct Roses is committed to providing you with a premium service by negotiating prices and taking care of all the paperwork for you.

A: Canadian Customs charges a 10% tax on the total amount of your order; however, Ecuador Direct Roses seek the well-being of our customers, which is why we have chosen to take on 4% and you will have to assume only 6% of it.

A: Please check your email inbox, you will receive a confirmation order. If you can't find it there, please check your spam folder.

If neither of the two options shows your confirmation e-mail order after payment has been made, please contact your sales representative. 

A: You will receive an email with your tracking numbers by e-mail once your order is shipped from the farm to the airport. 

If you don’t find the email in your inbox, check your spam folder. If you still don’t find the email, please contact your sales representative. 

A: You will have free shipping on orders of $121.50 or more. If you purchase this amount and still are charged for shipping, please contact your sales representative. 

Caring for Flowers

A: One of the most important things to allow long life of a cut flower is being properly processed by the florist/client.

  • Upon arrival the box and remove the flower bunches
  • Fill clean disinfected buckets with cool water and add flower food
  • Remove any foliage that will be below the water line
  • With a sharp clean knife or clippers, cut 1/2 inch to 1 inch (1.27cm to 2.54cm) off the bottom of the stems at an angle and quickly place in the prepared water. The more quickly this step is done the less chance the stems will begin to drink air instead of water into them.
  • Allow to drink for at least one hour before placing in cooler.
  • Now is the time to rewrap the roses with the cardboard wrapping and secure it with the rubber band saved from the stems.

Processing is basically the same for all flowers. The plastic wrap can be left on each bunch for flower protection if the florist/client desires. Flower buckets should never be tightly filled with flower bundles. Flowers should always have room to breath. If the florist/client need the flowers to open quickly for an order or an event, after refrigerating the flowers for a minimum of an hour, they can then be removed from cooler to open. Being refrigerating or conditioned for the one hour allows flowers to become sturdy and more durable. Flowers in the cooler should be reprocessed once a week for as long as they remain unsold.


  • Avoid using flower food, as they cause color loss and fading.
  • Cut the stems, ½ to an inch (2cm), and put them right away in PURE WATER in a clean bucket.
  • Take off the cardboard wrapping 1-2 hours after the tinted roses are hydrated, to avoid drooping rose buds. 
  • Use a clean and disinfected vase or bucket for each variety, to avoid color mixing.
  • Allow the roses to drink for at least 1-2 hours before placing them into the cooler.

A: Working with dyed flowers is a little different in a couple of ways and there are some things you should know and expect before you receive them. Some helpful hints for working with dyed flowers include:

  • The water changing color is perfectly normal, don’t worry. You will probably notice the water changing within a day or so after processing.
  • The stems contain dye so as they sit in water, they will likely change color.
  • You do not need to change the water or re-process.

A: If your design includes dyed and natural flowers the natural flowers may take on some of the tint once processed and placed in the same water/solution as the dyed flowers. This can enhance the look of your overall design as the tint would be subtle.

Be aware the dye can seep through the leaves. Always handle with care when processing or putting on a display and avoid contact with clothing or tablecloths as dye could transfer.

A: The guard petals are often mistaken as wilted petals.

These petals are usually blackened, wrinkled, and have a striped appearance, which may make you think the roses are not good. However, it is these thick and robust petals that protect the inner buds for a beautiful flare. The roses must survive these bumpy and unpredictable plane trips to reach flower shops and floristry. In that case, we will leave the guard petals on the rose to protect the inner bloom during the shipping process. 

Simply remove the guard petals (3-4 hard petals surrounding the exterior of the bloom) to reveal the fresh and beautiful bud beneath.

Watch here and learn more

Most helpful

A: A bunch is simply a stem count for how we group the flowers. For example, a 10-stem bunch means that 10 stems are bundled together and placed into the box. So if you receive five 10-stem bunches, you will receive 50 stems in total. Our roses always will come with 25-stem on the bunch.

It looks like they are 12 roses... Take a look, click here. We packed our Ecuadorian roses with 6 layers, so the roses arrived in great condition and as beautiful as they are.

Interested in a specific flower or greenery? Visit the product page that has the specific item you're interested in and scroll below the photos. The bunch size information can be found in the Product Details tab.

A: We recommend that your delivery date be 3-4 days before your event.

A: Our fresh-cut roses are packed with 25 stems. We pack in two levels. On the top layer, you’ll find 12 stems, and on the low layer, 13 stems. This will avoid any mechanical failure that may occur while traveling. Ecuador Direct Roses has a well-structured supply chain to offer our customers the best quality in the floral market.

A: Longer the stem, the thicker it will be and the flower head will be larger than if the stem length were shorter.

Holiday Season

A: Due to the high demand in the floricultural world and the increase of prices in the cargoes, the prices of flowers in crowded festivities will have a slight increase.

Holiday season prices on the website will be increased, these are Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and Christmas.

A: Ecuador Direct Roses reserves specific flowers for orders, whether they are for immediate shipment or future dates. If an order is placed 30 days or more in advance, a credit of 50% of the order will be granted for future purchases or returns and 50% of the order will be charged as a penalty. No refund or credit will be given for orders placed less than 30 days in advance.

Quality Problems

A: Don't worry, you are insured with us! We wake up every morning to provide the best quality and attention to our customers. But, in case you receive something in bad condition, you will be able to rely on our claims and credit policies that you receive in your email at the time of your order. We have a quality department that is willing to study each case and give the best resolution to our customers to ensure their satisfaction.