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Flor Del Ecuador Certificate

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The Flor Ecuador Certification V 4.0 aligns with Ecuador's efforts to be part of the ecological transition and combat climate change. This will strengthen the verification, control, and monitoring of sustainability indicators.

- Safe handling of agrochemicals.

- Well-being of personnel.

- Environment protection.



- Ensure compliance with social and environmental requirements before government entities.

- Standardization of the sector's social and environmental practices.


- Proper management of waste generated in the activity, to mitigate the impact caused to the environment.

- Generate environmental awareness in the actors of the sector.

- Encourage the proper use of renewable resources.

- Compliance with legal environmental parameters of Ecuadorian regulations.


- The Ecuadorian flower is the most appreciated and recognized.

- To offer customers a product that guarantees production within the social and environmental requirements of certification.

What is this certification all about?

The FLOR DEL ECUADOR award, received for environmental and human practices, is very difficult to obtain with 195 requirements.

The Ecuador Direct Rose's Farm has received 100% under this award for every year of operation. (You may not know that Ecuador is the only country that gives “nature” rights under the constitution.) 

This certification promotes and fosters the development and adoption of non-conventional methods for crop management, mitigating the environmental impact, encouraging the proper use of renewable and non-renewable resources, creating a commitment to the environmental performance of companies, and measuring results based on continuous improvement and national policy. 

Also, it guarantees the establishment of a safe and healthy work environment, taking the appropriate measures to prevent accidents or illnesses caused by work activity. Through this certification, we offer customers a product that guarantees production within the social and environmental requirements of the certification. 

FLOR DEL ECUADOR Certified has become a comprehensive certification scheme with a socio-environmental scope for Ecuadorian companies engaged in the production and marketing of flowers. 

Ecuadorian Flowers Delivery Farm-Direct

Welcome to Ecuador Direct Roses! We are your direct supplier of FARM FRESH FLOWERS. With over 27 years of experience in the business, we have been operating with this modality for over 8 years. Our dedicated staff ensures quality in all purchasing processes and shipment coordination to guarantee the freshness and quality of our flowers. We are here to provide you with the best experience and service possible.

We deliver super-fresh flowers directly from our farm to your requested business service locations in the United States and Canada. Unlike storing roses in a fridge and waiting for orders, we take a proactive approach of cutting the roses as soon as your order needs to be shipped, guaranteeing premium-quality blooms. 

At Ecuador Direct Roses, we offer farm-direct flowers specifically for Florists, Event Planners, Flower Shops, Hotel Managers, and Restaurant Décor Designers will immediately notice the difference in quality and freshness.

Whether you are a small or large business, we are the perfect choice for you. We value and appreciate every customer, and strive to build long-term relationships with them. Our loyal customers are considered our partners in this journey.

At our family-run farm, we have a true passion for providing the most stunning luxury roses. With our expertise and decades of experience, our dedicated team takes care of each rose harvested, demonstrating top-notch dedication. We believe that eco-friendly rose farming is the best choice for businesses today. When you place an order, the roses are securely transported from our farm to your business, allowing you to create gorgeous displays with fresh roses and set tables to inspire others.

Acting in the Best Interest of the Community

At Ecuador Direct Roses, we are dedicated to social and environmental responsibility. We strive to make a positive impact on the communities we are a part of, leaving a lasting change in the world. Our goal is to make the world a better place with every action we take.

The owners of Ecuador Direct Roses strongly believe in giving back to the community. They are active members of the local Rotary Club Tomebamba in Cuenca, and their Farm has consistently received awards for its environmental and human practices. Every year, a percentage of their revenue is donated to the Rotary Club, furthering their positive impact on the community.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are proud to say that we prioritize hiring women having 65% of female collaborators in the region of Ecuador

Not only that, but we also offer a communal kitchen where over 100 collaborators can enjoy free meals, ensuring they receive the necessary nutrients in each bite.

We genuinely care about the well-being of our employees, which is why we provide health, life, and accident insurance to all of them. In addition to our doctor who comes 3 times a week to check our staff.

Ecuador Direct Sustainability

We are proud to use all of our organic waste to produce compost for fertilizer. 

Our advanced composting system efficiently processes all of our green waste. By returning this organic matter to our soil, we are able to maintain healthy crops and minimize the need for chemical fertilizers by over 40%. Our waste management program ensures that nutrients are optimally recycled and reintegrated into the soil, helping us to achieve high-quality blooms.

Nowadays, we have started a new program to use microorganisms. In this way, we seek to eliminate artificial fertilizers and above all agrochemicals that are harmful to our environment. Seeking to be 100 percent self-sustainable with the nutrients for our luxury flower; manly EDR is conscious of protecting our flora and fauna. 

We can further enhance our sustainability efforts by irrigating our crops with collected rainwater. Let's also be mindful of the packaging material we use, using only what is necessary to minimize waste. By doing so, we can contribute to a greener and more eco-friendly future.