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Ruscus Israeli: The Evergreen Charm

The Ruscus Israeli, with its dark green foliage and fine texture, isn't just another green in the mix but a standout piece that commands attention. Its resilience against heat and its uncanny ability to maintain its crisp look without water for extended periods sets it apart as a favorite. Perfect for adding depth to your bouquets or as a standalone piece of greenery, the Ruscus Israeli is a versatile choice. Order flowers online now and add the lasting vibrancy of Ruscus Israeli to your collection. It's an ideal selection for florists, churches, and floral design schools, or for any occasion when you need a reliable greenery piece.

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Since flowers are from Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.
We recommend that your delivery date is 3-4 days prior to your event.

Product Details:

Category: Greenery         

Vase Life: 15 - 20 days                          

Color: Green

Suggested Delivery Date: 3 days delivered prior to event                        

Stem Length: 40 - 45 cm or 15.7 - 17.7 in                 

Bunch: 10 stems


Why is Ruscus Israeli a Must-Have for Every Floral Arrangement?

Standing out with its dark green foliage and fine texture, the Ruscus Israeli is more than a visual pleasure. It's known for its impressive longevity. Even in challenging environments, Ruscus Israeli stays fresh, making it a premium choice for those looking to send flowers that endure.

How Can Ruscus Israeli Enhance Your Flower Arrangements?

While roses and other blooms might take center stage, the right greenery, like Ruscus Israeli, can transform a bouquet from beautiful to breathtaking. Its straight stems tuck in perfectly, adding a vibrant green contrast to colorful flowers. Pair it with Jade Rose, Alstroemeria, Hydrangeas, or Sunflowers, and notice how Ruscus Israeli makes your arrangement appear fuller and exquisitely balanced. Ready to craft your masterpiece? Send flowers online or order roses for delivery to include Ruscus Israeli in your next floral creation.

Why is Ruscus Israeli a Must-Have for Every Floral Designer?

This resilient greenery is a designer's ally. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal with its dark green foliage, but its endurance is unmatched. Known to withstand substantial heat and remain robust without water for hours, it's a popular pick for florists and designers alike.

Planning a special event or want to send roses to my girlfriend with a green touch?

Incorporate Ruscus Israeli to ensure your designs stay fresh and vibrant longer.

Why Source Ruscus Israeli from an Ecuadorian Farm?

Choosing our Ecuadorian farm means committing to excellence. We engage in organic practices to deliver stems of unmatched quality. The optimal conditions of Ecuador's climate, coupled with our expert farming methods, mean our Ruscus Israeli not only looks premium but has enhanced longevity. Opt for Ecuador Direct Roses when you want sustainability, unparalleled quality, and the pinnacle of Ecuadorian horticulture.

With the holiday season around the corner, consider Ecuador Direct Roses for your Halloween flower delivery, or maybe plan ahead with our vibrant selection for Christmas flower arrangements. Our Mother’s Day flower free delivery service ensures that you can convey your love with fresh flowers without the extra cost. For those special proms or weddings, let our flower design experts provide you with farm fresh Ruscus Israeli to make your event unforgettable.

Don’t wait to elevate your floral arrangements. Send flowers today, or order flowers, garden flower near me delivery with Ecuador Direct Roses and embrace the unparalleled beauty of Ruscian greenery direct from our farms to your doorstep in the USA and Canada.


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