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Jul 20, 2023

5 Best-selling fresh-cut and tinted roses during Valentine's season

Valentine's season is on its way, and we only want to know if you are as excited as we are? We were waiting for this moment since last year, and it’s finally here. Yes, it is the season of love and friendship!

Here, we give you the Top 5 Ecuador Direct Rose’s best-selling varieties: 

Freedom Rose:

Our classic red rose has the color of love and deep emotions. It is also the most popular red rose in the world, and our best-selling rose during Christmas & Valentine's. Indeed, it adds a fantastic touch to each space. Due to our particular location, in the southern part of Ecuador, our roses receive 12 hours of sunlight, and as a consequence, the flowers grow stronger, bigger, and with the most vibrant colors.

Rainbow Rose:

The rainbow rose is our best-selling tinted rose during Valentine's. Flowers full of love and joy! These roses bloom in vibrant colors, and a bouquet of these roses will stand out.

Mondial Rose:

It is best known as the nuptial rose. It is one of the most popular white roses. With their pale exterior petals and creamy center, is perfect for weddings. Symbolize the union, virtue, and purity of a new bond of love. It is the ideal rose to obtain the most wanted “I do.”

Topaz Rose: 

The most romantic, hot pink Ecuadorian rose. Topaz blooms with beauty and perfection. Those are perfect for a summer wedding. It creates happiness, romantic and fun atmosphere.

Frosted Red Rose:

The perfect mix of fire and snow. Our frosted red will give any space a touch of passion, romance, and nostalgic. It represents pure love. Furthermore, it is perfect for interior decor to provide a warm feel to those looking for something even more special for Valentine's Day.