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Sun-Kissed Splendor

The warmth of the setting sun with Sunset Glory Roses, their vibrant orange petals capturing the essence of a perfect twilight. To craft a floral arrangement that truly speaks to the heart, combine them with the pure whites of Lilies, the passionate reds of Asters, and the delicate charm of Baby's Breath.



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*25 stems per bunch

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Since roses are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.
We recommend that your delivery date is 3-4 days prior to your event.

Product Details:

Category: Orange Roses       

Vase Life: 12 - 15 day's       

Bud Size: 5 - 6 cm or 2 - 2.5 in        

Color: Orange   

Suggested Delivery Date: 3 days delivered before event             

Stem Length: 40 - 70 cm or 15 - 27.5 in       

Thorns: Some thorns on the stem      

Foliage: A significant amount of foliage on the stem    

Bunch: 25 stems  

What Makes Sunset Glory Roses a Floral Designer's Dream?

Adorned with hues reminiscent of a cozy, inviting sunset, Sunset Glory Roses resonate with feelings of happiness and calm. This enchanting variety is a favorite for its versatility and warmth, instantly transforming any space into a welcoming retreat. They are the ideal selection for floral designers looking to infuse a space with comfort and joy.

How Do Sunset Glory Roses Enhance Your Floral Collection?

Incorporating Sunset Glory Roses into a bouquet is like weaving a splash of sunset into a tapestry of tranquility. Their radiant orange blends harmoniously with the array of colors found in Lilies, Carnations, and Asters, creating an inviting and vibrant visual narrative. It’s this touch that elevates a beautiful arrangement into an unforgettable floral story.

Which Occasions Are Brightened by Sunset Glory Roses?

The inviting warmth of Sunset Glory Roses is perfect for a multitude of celebrations. From the familial joy of Thanksgiving to the enchanted evenings of autumn weddings, these roses bring a stroke of pure joy. Their vivid orange is a natural fit for fall-themed events and their spirited vibe is ideal for lively gatherings, be it in church halls or floral design workshops.

How Do Sunset Glory Roses Complement Seasonal Colors?

The Sunset Glory Roses mirror the comforting allure of fall and the vibrant energy of summer. Their striking color is a playful addition to Halloween flower arrangements, offering a striking contrast to the holiday themes. Their exuberance also makes them a wonderful component of summer celebrations, echoing the season's zestful atmosphere.


Bring the Radiance of Sunset to Your Occasion

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Roses Are A Living Being

+ When your flowers arrive, you may notice that they appear a bit thirsty and sleepy. Don't worry, this is completely normal. For detailed instructions on how to care for your flowers, please check out our Flower Care tab on this product page.

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