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Fortune Rose: The Emblem of Love

the Fortune Rose, a vibrant symbol of affection with its striking red tones. Combine its allure with the serene presence of white lilies, the bright smiles of yellow sunflowers, and the depth of blue delphiniums to curate a bouquet that speaks volumes of adoration and fortune. Grown with care on the rich soils of Ecuador, these roses stand as a testament to the natural wonder of Ecuadorian roses.



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*25 stems per bunch

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Since roses are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.
We recommend that your delivery date is 3-4 days prior to your event.

Product Details:

Category: Red Roses

Vase Life: 12 - 15 days

Bud Size: 5 - 6 cm or 2 - 2.5 in

Color: Red

Suggested Delivery Date: 3 days delivered prior to event

Stem Length: 50 - 60 cm or 19 - 23.6 in

Thorns: It has some thorns on the stem

Foliage: Plenty of petals

Bunch: 25 stems


Why is the Fortune Rose a Floral Gem?

The Fortune Rose shines as a prime pick for florists and flower connoisseurs for its deep red hue, embodying passion, bravery, and honor. Its captivating presence is a popular choice for a variety of flower arrangements, fitting seamlessly into any celebration from heartfelt Valentine's Day flower deliveries to dignified funeral floral tributes.

How does the Fortune Rose Enhance Your Memorable Moments?

From an intimate Valentine's Day bouquet to a solemn floral homage, the Fortune Rose perfectly complements the sentimental essence of life's milestones. Its vivid red color injects sophistication and intensity, positioning it as a favorite for event specialists seeking to forge an unforgettable setting.

What’s the Secret Behind the Radiance of Ecuadorian-grown Fortune Roses?

The intensity and hardiness of the Fortune Roses are credited to the organic farming practices at the heart of the Ecuadorian flower farm where they thrive. The harmony of nutrient-rich earth and the perfect weather leads to blooms with more vivid colors and extended stems. This organic cultivation aligns with a commitment to high-grade quality and environmentally friendly horticulture, Ecuador flowers export is superb in terms of quality.

Which Blooms Enhance the Charm of Fortune Roses?

Craft a mesmerizing display by pairing the Fortune Rose with the gentle white alstroemeria, the dramatic purple asters, and the universally beloved gypsophila. This ensemble elevates the red shades of the Fortune Rose, perfecting the visual impact of any flower design, whether it's for an academic setting or a personal flower shop.

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