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Work With Good World Class Citizens

The FLOR DEL ECUADOR award, received for environmental and human practices, is very difficult to obtain.

The Ecuador Direct Rose's Farm has received 100% under this award for every year of operation. (You may not know that Ecuador is the only country that gives “nature” rights under the constitution.) FLOR DEL ECUADOR Certified has become a comprehensive certification scheme with a socio-environmental scope for Ecuadorian companies engaged in the production and marketing of flowers. This certification promotes and fosters the development and adoption of non-conventional methods for crop management, mitigating the environmental impact, encouraging the proper use of renewable and non-renewable resources, creating a commitment to the environmental performance of companies, and measuring results based on continuous improvement and national policy. Also, it guarantees the establishment of a safe and healthy work environment, taking the appropriate measures to prevent accidents or illnesses caused by work activity. Through this certification, we offer customers a product that guarantees production within the social and environmental requirements of the certification. Of course, all workers on the Farm and in the office are under contract which gives them full rights and protection under Ecuadorian law.

Additionally, the owners of Ecuador Direct Roses are strong believers in giving back to the community. Both owners are active in the local Rotary Club in Cuenca and the Farm has qualified every year for awards in environmental and human practices. A percent of all revenue is given to the Rotary Club each year.

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