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Our flowers Mix includes 2 different varieties of beautiful and fresh-cut flowers lilies.

Asiatic Lilies: are popular perennial flowering plants that are grown from bulbs. They are known for their striking and showy flowers, which are typically upright and come in a wide range of colors. Generally have little to no scent.

Oriental Lilies: they typically have large, trumpet-shaped blooms with wide petals that can be white, pink, red, or even speckled. The petals often have a slightly ruffled or wavy edge, giving the flowers an elegant and luxurious appearance. One of the standout features of Oriental lilies is their strong, sweet fragrance

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Since flowers are a product of Mother Nature and due to variation in monitor resolutions, the exact color tones of this flower may vary to some degree.
We recommend that your delivery date is 3-4 days prior to your event.

Lilies Flowers Bouquets FAQs

Lilies are celebrated for their majestic beauty and come in varieties like Asiatic and Oriental Lilies. When you order flowers online, especially from Ecuador, you're assured of freshness and unmatched elegance. Event Planners and Florists, here's a tip: blending Ecuadorian roses with lilies offers a fresh and sophisticated approach to traditional floral designs, especially when incorporating both Asiatic and Oriental Lilies.

Best Qualities of the Lilies Flowers

Lilies are revered for their breathtaking beauty and elegance. They come in distinct varieties, notably Asiatic and Oriental Lilies, each offering its unique charm. When paired with the deep hues and robustness of Ecuadorian roses, the combination becomes truly enchanting. Event Planners and Florists, consider this: blending these roses with lilies not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds depth to floral arrangements, making them stand out in any setting.

Most Impressive Fact About Lilies Flowers

Lilies, especially the Asiatic and Oriental varieties, are renowned for their long-lasting blooms and vibrant shades. But what's even more impressive is their ability to seamlessly blend with Ecuadorian roses. Creates a symphony of colors and textures, making them a top choice for wedding flowers and sympathy flowers.

Get To Know More About Lilies Flowers

Dive deeper into the world of Lilies. These flowers, celebrated for their grace and versatility, become even more mesmerizing when combined with Ecuador roses. Such arrangements offer a fresh perspective, especially to Event Planners and Florists, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right flowers for the right occasion. Whether you're looking to send flowers to someone or elevate an event's ambiance, Lilies and Ecuadorian roses promise unmatched elegance.

What Shades of Lilies Flowers and How Long They Last?

Lilies, known for their vibrant shades and long-lasting blooms, especially when paired with the timeless allure of Ecuador roses, ensure your flower arrangements remain fresh and captivating for extended periods.

Ecuador Direct Roses Delivered Bouquets and Lilies Arrangements

Ecuadorian roses, with their deep hues and lush petals, harmonize beautifully with the elegance of both Asiatic and Oriental Lilies. When combined in floral arrangements, the result is both mesmerizing and deeply meaningful, making them a top choice for wedding flowers and sympathy flowers.

Lilies Flower Buying From Farm Benefits

Purchasing directly from farms ensures the freshest Lilies and Ecuadorian roses. Event planners and florists who opt for wholesale flowers from Ecuador can attest to the unparalleled quality and vibrancy these blooms bring to any event or setting.

Wild Color Lilies Flowers Delivery to Your Doorstep

Experience the charm of wild-colored Lilies flowers paired with the deep, rich hues of Ecuadorian roses. This stunning duo can grace your space, adding a touch of nature's finest.

Send Farm Direct Lilies Flowers with Ecuador Direct Roses

Sending flowers online, especially a blend of Lilies and Ecuador roses, is a gesture of true elegance and appreciation. Their combined beauty and fragrance make them a top choice for those wishing to send flowers to someone dear.

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