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Jul 20, 2023

What are Spray Roses? Uncovering their beauty and versatility

Spray roses are an increasingly popular choice for florists, bouquet makers, and DIY enthusiasts alike. With their unique shape, vibrant colors, and sweet aroma, these flowers have been capturing hearts all over the world. In this article, we discuss what they are, what each flower symbolizes, and how to use them effectively in wedding decorations or a loved one’s special day.

A spray rose is a species with several long flower stems coming off each bud. This gives the flowers a fuller look than traditional varieties. They come in a wide range of beautiful colors such as yellows, pinks, peaches, oranges, reds, whites, and lavenders among others. Spray rose flowers are a specific type known for having multiple miniature rose blooms per stem and are used to make elaborate bouquets. Single roses have the ability to produce between three to five blooming flowers per sturdy stem, giving an old-fashioned vibe when used together in bunches or as single stems scattered among larger flowers, or in elegant displays.

Bulk spray roses have a romantic appeal that makes them perfect for many wedding bouquets occasions and special moments like anniversaries and birthdays. These long-stemmed beauties can also be used to brighten up corporate environments such as restaurants or offices due to their vibrant hues that add life to any setting without overpowering it. Some are slightly more open, some more closed – creating an overall natural and beautiful effect. Another benefit is that they look amazing paired with other flowers like ranunculus, lilies, or even hydrangeas which allows you to create beautiful arrangements without breaking the bank on more expensive varieties.

To get the best out of them, always opt for fresher blooms – their delicate petals should feel soft and velvety between your fingertips rather than wilted or dry if you want to ensure optimal beauty and longevity when placed into your desired arrangement. Additionally, make sure to keep away from direct sunlight and hydrate them by lightly misting them every few days so they don’t wilt before the occasion has ended! Use heavier-headed varieties like sunflowers and eucalyptus for stunning centerpieces while lighter-textured types make perfect fillers for bouquets due to having multiple blooming points along each stem giving an overall fuller effect as it grows bigger!

Here’s what you need to know about these gorgeous flowers:


Spray roses have been around for centuries but have only become popular florist favorites in the last few decades. It was believed that the first orange spray rose came about back in 1917 when traditional growers attempted to cross a white variety with an existing wild species from South America called Rosa foetida bicolor (Foetid Rose). Over subsequent years these sweetheart roses have since been developed further by breeders in an effort to create new varieties based on size, color, texture, and vase life duration.

What is the meaning of Spray Roses?

The Spray rose is a single-bloom cut flower with multiple smaller blooms or “sprays” per stem. They often have slightly larger heads than regular roses, with one large bloom sitting atop different varieties of supplementary buds. They come in a wide selection of colors, including traditional reds and whites, as well as everything from coral to lavender and many more options in between. Sometimes people confuse them with the floribunda roses, but its petals are thinner and it looks similar to garden roses with multiple flowers depending on the variety.

Types of Spray Roses

The white spray rose is the most traditional hue and represents innocence, purity, peace, and hope. A seaside arrangement of white spray roses is a fitting tribute to lost loved ones during times of mourning. They also make wonderful bridal bouquets as they reflect love and new beginnings.

Peach spray rose has become increasingly popular recently in home decor, fashion, and floristry alike because they signify appreciation, and admiration and express warmth towards another person. This makes them a great choice when saying “thank you” with flowers.

Pink spray roses come in a variety of shades from soft pale pink to intense fuchsia indicating different nuances in the meaning associated with them: joy or gratitude, sympathy or admiration, and even recognition or congratulations are just some of the sentiments conveyed.

Enliven any space with cheery yellow bulk spray roses which symbolize friendship, loyalty, and good health as well as happiness or gaiety during celebratory events such as graduations or anniversaries. Yellow also has strong spiritual connotations – they are believed to connect us to our inner selves while sending positive vibes out into our environment.

No matter what their hue may be, these flowers always bring personality to floral designs plus an extra layer of sentiment behind them!


The convenience and wide range of sprays make them an ideal choice for most occasions involving flower decorations or bouquets. Depending on your desired design aesthetic you could opt for a delicate look with soft shades or go bold with sparkling vibrant hues either way they can be arranged into classic styles like hand-tied bouquets or contemporary designs featuring airy long stems laid across tablescapes. Additionally, they create great accent blooms when combined with other types of flowers- think baby’s breath sprigs peeking out from behind some larger blooms! With their smaller size and even petal count it’s easy to disperse them evenly throughout any display so no space is wasted on empty filler gaps between bigger blends.

There are many advantages over other types of flowers:

  • Affordability due to its wide availability
  • Duality by producing both a single bud but also clustered flowers on one stem
  • Durability thanks to its resilient petal layers
  • Long-lasting when cared for correctly
  • Wide variety gaining texture through its medium size blooms. 

This makes it a popular choice for a wedding flower! 

Arranging Tips – Designing with Spray Rose

Sure, they look fantastic when used as a standalone feature but you can really make them pop by including them in mixed arrangements. Their uniform clusters add adornment and structure, making a visually striking display in flower boxes with tall candles, leather leaf, statice, or static floral décor pieces like branches or ruscus which add perfect amounts of contrast no matter how you garnish it!

White and cream are excellent choices for wedding themes either for their unique colors that represent purity and new beginnings or their versatility to use with a bunch of other varieties giving an elegant touch.


Proper care is essential to maximize lifespan. Change out the water at least twice a week while making sure that there aren’t any leaves sticking out from below the top rim of the vase – these will start decaying quickly so it’s important to remove them immediately when you notice them. Each stem should be re-cut at an angle every few days as well to ensure that as much water as possible reaches each stem and keeps your blooms vibrant for longer periods of time. Bestow the appropriate care and you will see how these varieties are going to display that touch of elegance in your arrangements.

Wrapping Up

These elegant blooms are an updated take on classic varieties providing an expected yet beautiful twist that really makes arrangements pop. With its unique simplistic look juxtaposed against traditional display items like candles & branches, it’ll have your guests absolutely captivated until long after they leave your event! If you want to add something special to your floral décor, then these gorgeous flowers may just be the perfect touch. Whether used alone or added to existing displays these beauties will bring life & texture to them.

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