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Jul 20, 2023

Bigger is Better...

…and Ecuador Direct Roses are the biggest and best!

How is it that a small country in South America is able to produce the biggest, best roses in the world?

Across the globe, florists and consumers alike are filled with praise for Ecuador Direct Roses, and here’s why:

  • A longer growth cycle. At our farm, high in the Andes, the roses grow for 15 weeks vs. 8 weeks at most competitors.
  • We are located on the equator and our land receives 12 hours of light every day along with cool nights. The perfect climate for roses to thrive.
  • Our farm is at a perfect elevation: the altitude prevents troublesome insects so our plants are able to grow stronger.
  • Our farm hosts fresh, pure Sierra water and our soil is rich with nutrients. Roses love what we have to offer.
  • Ecuador Direct Roses, a family-owned and run business, handles your roses with tender loving care from beginning to end.

Ecuadorian Roses are the World’s Finest and ours are the Finest in Ecuador!

Learn more about our story and farm here.